Born in Poland
Immigrated to Zimbabwe as a young child
Married and raised a family in Johannesburg, South Africa
Studied sculpture with Peter Hayden from 1968-1970 at the Craighall Academy, Johannesburg and later with George Boys
Moved to London in 2001

1979-1980 Worked in bronze and marble in Pietrasanta, Italy
1981 First one-person exhibition at Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg
1982 Bronze “Mother and Child” chosen by Johnson and Johnson as floating trophy for baby-of-the-year award
1982 Bronze “Dancer” chosen by Arabesque magazine as floating trophy for excellence award in the field of dance
1982 First one-person exhibition at Gallery International, Cape Town
1983 Began working in stainless steel at Malleable Metals foundry in Bethany, Connecticut
1983-1985 Group shows at Everard Reed Gallery, Johannesburg and Cape Town
1984 Third one-person exhibition at Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, showing stainless steel
1985-1986 Sculptures placed in private and public collections in the U.S., Canada, UK and South Africa
1989 First New York one-person show with Phyllis Weil & Co at Art 54
1989 Second New York one-person show at Dome Gallery
1990 Two major stainless steel works of 9 ft and 12 ft. acquired by William’s Island, Florida USA
1990 One person exhibition at University of Johannesburg opened by visiting art historian and curator, Dr. Robert Metzger, Bucknell University, Pennsylvania
1991 12 ft. stainless steel sculpture acquired for entrance of Anglo-American Finance House, Bruma Lake, Johannesburg
1991 12 ft. stainless steel sculpture placed by Anglo-American Properties, Kyalami Park, Johannesburg
1991 Received commission for two stainless steel floating trophies for Faculty of Engineering, University of Johannesburg
1992 12 ft stainless steel sculpture acquired by ISOA Gallery Collection (Phyllis and Samuel Schreiber), Greenwich, CT
1994 Stainless steel sculptures exhibited in Group Exhibition in Stamford, Connecticut
1995 10 ft. stainless steel sculpture chosen for “The Park for the Two” in Jaffa, Israel
1996 Phyllis Weil & Co. toured with sculptures in U.S.A. including Delaware Art Museum
1998 10 ft stainless steel sculpture chosen for Andre Emmerich’s Top Gallant Farm
1998-present Rose Korber Art Salon, Cape Town, selected works exhibited
2000 Worked on series of brick figures and heads in Cape Town
2001 Moved to London. Commenced English Heritage Brick series
2002-2005 Worked on Citadel Series in terracotta brick and resin
2003-present Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town, selected works exhibited
2006 8 ft English Limestone sculpture placed in private collection London
2009 Citadel Series in terracotta brick and resin exhibited at Opera Galleries internationally
2009-present New series in highly polished silvered bronze
October 2011 Retrospective, The Bermondsey Project Space
Oct.17, 2011 BBC London News interview and master class with local school children, Bermondsey Project Space.
March 2012 “Solo II”, 10-foot sculpture in mirror-finish stainless steel installed in Cavendish Square, London for 6 months by the City of Westminster
March 2012 “Improvisation” installed at Cambridge University on long term loan to the New Hall Art Collection.
April 2012 Albemarle Galley, London, Group Show, “The Nude”
2013 Albemarle Gallery, London 5 Sculptors
Dec 2014 Albemarle Gallery, London, The Winter Collection